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Reference Projects

Cabeca Veada Project: Leeds University in the UK

  • Leeds University in the UK - Cabeca Veada
  • Leeds University in the UK - Cabeca Veada
  • Leeds University in the UK - Cabeca Veada

The Leeds University project involved the renovation of a relatively new building in the campus, which has been fully covered with Cabeca Veada limestone. The result was a spectacular exterior cladding work with a quite uniform layer.

This is a rather small project that featured a supply of 2.000m2 of Cabeca Veada standard panels, with 40mm of thickness and a honed finishing. The finishing type enhances the typical light beige colour of the limestone, by making it look smoother and shiny. This increases even more the Cabeca Veada’s colour versatility, since the tonalities adapt to all types of environments and designs, providing a more harmonious blending with the surrounding buildings. The Leeds University project showcases some of the best attributes of the Cabeca Veada limestone in terms of exterior cladding, including background uniformity, colour consistency and significant hardness, all of which produce an aesthetically pleasant and clean view.

Project Profile

Building Type: Government/Embassy
Location: Leeds, United Kingdom
Material: Cabeca Veada
Applications: Exterior Cladding






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Leeds University in the UK - Cabeca Veada

Cabeca Veada Project: Leeds University in the UK

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