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Top Limestones for Exterior Cladding in 2016

Moleanos Exterior Cladding

It’s a general fact that limestones are the most common type of natural stone used in cladding projects. And the key factors for this are the high versatility and environmental flexibility presented by this stone. Despite the huge amount of limestones used in cladding projects, here are our top picks for 2016.

Exterior cladding projects can be built with basically all types of natural stones but limestones end up being the primal choice in most of the cases. This happens due to several factors, which lays on the very structure of the stone. Limestones are very versatile and they present a considerable hardness, as well as a great finishing acceptance. Also, they present uniform backgrounds, unique textures, soft colour tonalities and a medium to thin grain. By other words, limestones are the ideal candidate for a successful exterior cladding project. On the other hand, market trends and global changes dictate that what’s popular today might not be tomorrow. Therefore, we’ve made an exclusive list with the most popular limestones for exterior cladding in 2016. Due to their reputation, on demand values, availability and specifications, we’ve concluded that Moleanos Fine, Jura Beige, Capri, Limra and Moca Cream are the five top selections of the year.

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