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Frequently asked questions regularly received from clients regarding the supply of Moleanos limestone and its main variations

  • Can i have access to the complete technical data of the limestones?

    On our portal we show only few items of the technical data for each limestone, for an overall understanding of the limestone´s properties. However, if you need a full technical analysis of any limestone, you will have to contact us directly.

  • Are these all the types of Moleanos available in the market?

    The Moleanos and close alternatives that we present on our portal represent well the vast majority that is available in the market and with regular supply capacity. There are always other types of limestones that could be considered alternatives to Moleanos that are now shown here, but we try to present here a range that represents the Moleanos variations and close alternatives that have reliable extraction, uniformity and continuity.

  • Can i trust in the information available about each limestone?

    The information available about each limestone on our portal is reliable and up-to-date. We have compiled this information based on actual quarries and market situation, in order to give the most accurate possible information. However, situation in the quarries may change. For the most actual information, you should always contact us.

  • I want to buy a limestone or have more information about it. How can i do it?

    For all supply requirements you can contact us directly either by email or by telephone. All our offers are sent by email, however if you have any questions that you would like to discuss by telephone, you are mostly welcomed to call us at any time. All enquiries received have an immediate follow-up.

  • Where can i find reliable information about other Portuguese limestones?

    You will be able to find information about a considerable range of Portuguese limestones on our sister portal at

  • Which are the reserves of Moleanos limestone for the future?

    This is a hard question to answer as new quarries of Moleanos limestone and alternative limestone can open at any time, changing the balance of reserves for the future. In addition, these limestones are normally extracted in protected natural areas. If these protected areas change, that may increase the possible extraction area of Moleanos considerably.  But overall, all of these limestones we present here have considerable reserves and are limestone to be considered in the near future.

  • Which variations of the Moleanos presented here are recommend for exterior applications in colder climates?

    Application of limestone in colder climates will depend on numerous factors including average temperature on winter, number of freezing days, wind, rain, thickness and size of stone used, and more. However, the types of Moleanos that are commonly supplied for exterior applications in colder climates are the Moleanos Vidraco, Moleanos Classic and Moleanos Blue (for flooring or horizontal applications). For vertical applications such as cladding, all the other limestones are commonly used.

  • Where can i find references of projects done with particular limestones in my country?

    As a reference Portuguese limestone internet portal, has a considerable database of information about the limestones and projects done all over the world. If you would like to know information about projects in your country, feel free to contact us directly and we will be glad to assist with any information requested.

  • The Moleanos that i find at local suppliers has different names. Why is this?

    The Moleanos is a well-known Portuguese limestone with a large commercial structure. It can be found on basically any country and is a major limestone that many local retailers and distributors will very likely have for offer. However, each supplier may decide to give its own name to the Moleanos limestone (for example, Moleanos White, Gascogne Beige and many others). If you have any questions about the Moleanos you found at a local supplier, feel free to send us a picture and we will be able to confirm exact variation.

The Portal

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Moleanosportal is an online portal that works on the promotion and supply of Moleanos limestone from Portugal. It presents the entire range of Moleanos limestone available as well as some close alternatives. Moleanosportal is the online reference for information about this unique limestone.


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