Moleanos B1


The Moleanos B1 is a grey / blue limestone, with fine grain, brownish to yellowish coloured areas and some signs of fossils. The Moleanos B1 is quite a hard limestone, being used on both exterior and interior applications with no real limitations.

This limestone is in fact a close variation of the well-known Moleanos limestone, but called Moleanos due to its close appearance to the original Moleanos Blue, also because quarries are located not far from the Moleanos quarries. This is a hard limestone with consistent colour that can be a great choice for all types of applications.


Compression strenght: 206 MPa; Bending strenght: 21,8 MPa; Porosity: 1,8%; Apparent density: 2650 kg/m3


The Moleanos B1 is a great choice for grey coloured limestone, due to its considerable hardness. At this point and if compared to the other grey coloured limestones in Portugal, this is the most suitable technically, but also in terms of colour uniformity. This limestone can be used on basically any application, from exterior cladding and flooring, to any type of interior use.

Moleanos B1

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Moleanos B1


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Moleanosportal is an online portal that works on the promotion and supply of Moleanos limestone from Portugal. It presents the entire range of Moleanos limestone available as well as some close alternatives. Moleanosportal is the online reference for information about this unique limestone.


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