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There is large demand for most type of Moleanos limestone tiles, in particular from retail market. It all starts at the supply level, where large quantities are available due to the fact that most manufacturers in Portugal produce this type of product. This situation brings the tiles to the market at competitive prices.

Standard tiles are today normally produced from left-overs or waste from slabs, to reduce price per m2 and minimize slabs wastage.


The tiles export market is mostly dominated by two types of Moleanos: the Moleanos Classic and the Moleanos Fine. These two variations of the Moleanos have considerable demand at the retail level in markets like the United Kingdom, USA or France.

In addition to these two limestones, we see increasing demand for limestones like the Moleanos Blue, Cabeca Veada and to a certain extent the Moleanos Vidraco for exterior applications.


The main markets for the export of Moleanos limestone tiles are by far the United Kingdom and USA. These two countries represent the bulk of Moleanos tiles export, mostly for retail. Countries like France also have considerable demand. In terms of larger projects supply, the Middle East dominate the market, with demand for low priced competitive tiles.

Other markets with some representation are Latin America or few Asian countries.

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Moleanosportal is an online portal that works on the promotion and supply of Moleanos limestone from Portugal. It presents the entire range of Moleanos limestone available as well as some close alternatives. Moleanosportal is the online reference for information about this unique limestone.


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