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The market of Portuguese limestones export slabs has a limited representation in the overall export market of Portuguese limestones. This is in reality not the most demanded finished product, but has a certain demand specially from countries that do not have a well-developed manufacturing structure to process blocks into slabs.

Despite this, manufacturers in Portugal find interesting to produce slabs as a complement to their regular business of producing finished product. Many suppliers manage to compete in projects with the supply of slabs where they would not manage to do so if the product was entirely manufactured in Portugal.


Some of the Moleanos variations are on the top list of on demand limestones in terms of slabs. In fact most of these Moleanos limestone variation have high demand in any form, including slabs. There is also a considerable demand for limestones like Cabeca Veada or Moleanos Migna limestones.

Slabs are normally exported with 2cm and 3cm thickness, with several surface finishes such as polished, honed, brushed or bush-hammered.


The main export markets for Moleanos limestone slabs are Italy, the Middle East and several Asian countries such as India, Singapore, South Korea and Japan. All of these countries have great interest and demand for light beige colored limestones and the Moleanos suits this needs perfectly. In addition, the Moleanos is a limestone with an incredible reputation that should be easy to commercialize.

We expect that demand for Moleanos limestone slabs will continue as it is, mostly due to continuous demand for this limestone and also lack of reliable alternatives with such quality, uniformity and colour as the Moleanos limestone.

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Moleanosportal is an online portal that works on the promotion and supply of Moleanos limestone from Portugal. It presents the entire range of Moleanos limestone available as well as some close alternatives. Moleanosportal is the online reference for information about this unique limestone.


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