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Portuguese limestones podcasts

Portuguese limestones are quite popular and have high demand worldwide, mostly for beige colored limestones. There are images, videos and diverse information online about these limestone, but now, we also have podcasts.

You can now listen to a new podcasts channel just launched by Natural Stone Outlet, where there is a list of podcasts talking about different natural stones. On this specific playlist name Portuguese limestones, you can listen to podcasts about some of the most relevant and on-demand Portuguese limestones such as the Moleanos, Moca Cream or Fatima, but also about How to choose Portuguese grey limestones.

This podcast channel promises to be very active with new podcasts published regularly, so stay tuned!

If you would like to listen to more natural stones podcasts, visit Natural Stone Outlet podcasts page.





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Moleanosportal is an online portal that works on the promotion and supply of Moleanos limestone from Portugal. It presents the entire range of Moleanos limestone available as well as some close alternatives. Moleanosportal is the online reference for information about this unique limestone.



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