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Top Limestones for Exterior Paving in the UK in 2016

  • Ataija Beige Paving
  • Ataija Grey Tiles
  • Jura Beige Paving
  • Jura Grey Sandblasted
  • Moleanos Beige Paving
  • Moleanos B1 Paving

Limestones are commonly used on exterior paving applications all over the world and it’s no different in the United Kingdom. This country presents climate constraints that condition the type of limestone that can be used. As a result, the selection process must follow specific guiding lines. Learn about the top limestones for this application in the UK.

As one of the most recommended natural stones for exterior paving, limestones present an extensive range of features that accommodate all types of project requirements, including low porosity, high density, high resistance and a considerable hardness. These attributes are highly appreciated in the United Kingdom, due to the existing climate constraints, since they assure a long-term perseverance of the limestone. As so, the materials must follow a set of conditions that stimulates this natural perseverance, such as high resistance and low porosity that allows the limestone to resist the strong winds and absorb less water from the frequent rains. Another selection factor for exterior paving applications is the limestone colour, which tends to either follow the current market trends or match the surrounding environment or local style. Neutral tonalities are normally the most popular, as they can greatly match other materials and elements.

Despite the low number of available limestones in the European market that match this demanding criteria, there are still a few dozen ones that can easily fit the specifications. The following entries are our top limestone picks of the year, which present a high demand on the UK market, along with other technical characteristics recommended for exterior paving applications.

1. Ataija Beige

Our number one selection is Ataija Beige, mainly for its extraordinary properties and remarkable positioning in the UK market. This beige / cream limestone presents a thin grain and a uniform background, along with some occasional coloured spots and dark brown veins. The Ataija Beige is one of the hardest and on-demand limestones extracted in Portugal and it has a quite popular positioning in the international market, especially from the French and the UK channels.

2. Ataija Blue

The Ataija Blue reveals similar features to the previous entry, since it’s another variation of the Ataija limestone. It has a uniform light blue / grey background with occasional lighter and darker spots and a well-defined vein. It’s also a quite hard limestone with low porosity. This is one of the few grey coloured limestones from Portugal that shows a significant demand in the international market. Also, it has a fairly reputable positioning in the UK in both, popularity and demand.

3. Jura Beige

Highly known for its versatility, the Jura Beige is a German limestone that can adapt to almost all types of applications. The unique and non-uniform background of the Jura Beige is quite appreciated on exterior applications. However, due to its thin-medium grain, increased hardness and low porosity, it has become a top selection for all exterior paving applications. In general, this is a quite popular and on-demand limestone in the European market.

4. Jura Grey

The Jura Grey is also a top selection for exterior paving applications in the UK. Despite being slightly less popular than the Jura Beige, it still contains the same technical properties, which means equivalent hardness, porosity, grain levels and background uniformity. Mainly what changes is the colour, from light beige to dark grey. Extracted in Germany, the Jura Grey presents a moderate availability, along with a prominent standing in the European market.

5. Moleanos Classic

As one of the most popular and on-demand limestones from Portugal, the Moleanos Classic holds a dominant and well-established reputation in the global market. This beige limestone contains a uniform background with some clear signs of fossils. On the other hand, it has a medium grain and a slightly lower porosity and hardness compared to the previous picks. This is the most important variant of the Moleanos limestone, with a large demand at an international level.

6. Moleanos B1

The last pick in our list is Moleanos B1, a variation of the previous entry that presents great characteristics for exterior paving due to its fine grain, considerable hardness and somewhat uniform background. This is a grey / blue limestone from Portugal that holds a distinguished positioned in the European market, mostly because it has a consistent colour and it can be used in all types of applications with no real limitations.

The previous six limestones are the options that best meet our extensive criteria for exterior paving and popularity in different market channels. Do you think these are the best options for exterior paving applications in the UK? Let us know by commenting in the section below.





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