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Most Popular Moleanos Blue Finishings

Moleanos Blue

Despite being a limestone with a limited availability, the Moleanos Blue is quite popular and requested worldwide. It presents an interesting appearance and it is versatile, to the point of accepting almost all types of finishings.

The shortage of resources of the Moleanos Blue hasn’t stopped it from reaching a renowned position in the international scene. This is a grey-blue limestone from Portugal, with an increased hardness and strong visible elements, including fossils, shells and light-dark spots. The colour can vary a bit as well, from light blues to medium greys. Overall, this is a quite versatile limestone that can be used in interior and exterior projects. When it comes to finishings, the Moleanos Blue is also versatile and it accepts about any type. However, there are only four types that have been on the top of the demand list. The polished and honed and usually recommended for interior projects. Meanwhile, the flamed and sandblasted-brushed are best used on exterior sets.

For a detailed analysis of each finishing, check the complete article about the most popular Moleanos Blue finishings at Natural Stone Outlet.





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Moleanos Blue limestone floor tiles - Australia

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